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Groendal gets a new library

Construction on the new Groendal Library is expected to be completed by mid-2018.

Groendal residents have had to make do with their, admittedly, fully-equipped container library for the past decade. The container library was donated to the community in 2007 by Exclusive Books Reading Trust. Now they can look forward to the opening of a fully-fledged library of their very own.

The container library started off as a children’s library with approximately 3000 books with a total value of R80 000.  Soon after its opening the need for an adult library became evident. The services were thus extended to include reading material for adults as well. The usage of this service has increased and the variety of services offered by the library can no longer be accommodated in the confines of a container library.

Stellenbosch Municipality realised the growing needs of the community and made a presentation to the Provincial Library Service. A grant of R7 million was subsequently secured to build a new library for Groendal.

The new library site is in close proximity to the existing container library and will replace it. The contractors are currently on site and construction is continuing apace. The estimated date for completion is mid-2018.

The library will include a computer room, library activities room, adult and children’s lending library as well as an area with resources for early childhood development. “Libraries are extremely important community establishments. They provide access to knowledge and opportunity. As Mayor, I want to encourage all our residents to use these services and care for the library. It has the ability to open doors to the rest of your life,” said Mayor Gesie van Deventer about the new library.