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Fire Consumes Recycling Depot

Fire destroyed the shed used by Green Spot Recycling

A fire on 4 October destroyed the La Motte facility used by Jocelyn Van der Ross’s Green Spot Recycling.

Several tonnes of sorted recyclables that were awaiting collection by a processing company went up in flames along with the corrugated iron and wood shed in which they were stored.  It is not clear how the fire started.

Help has already been forthcoming from several quarters. Asked what she most needs Van der Ross said that they need a digger loader to clear the site of the burnt-out shed, so they can start storing materials there again. Construction materials – particularly corrugated iron sheets and tar poles are also needed.

When the Tatler visited, Van der Ross and her staff were working in the open air. “Fortunately they understand,” said Van der Ross about her staff.  “We’ve struggled before and we’ll survive this too,” she added.

Anyone able to assist Green Spot Recycling can contact Jocelyn at 073 587 6132.

Text: Editorial Desk | Image: Darious van Rensburg