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Franschhoek at Decorex

Stuart Douglas, Cindy Douglas and Vuyisa Potina at the Potina Ceramics stand at Decorex Cape Town 2022.

Three Franschhoek creative businesses took part in Decorex Cape Town 2022 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre form 16 – 19 June 2022.

Potina Ceramics’ smoke-fired pottery utilizes classic round shapes that innovate in design and methodology. Each unique piece of white porcelain clay is inspired by a natural palette of bone and wood, creating subtle but altogether impressive works of art. Vuyisa Potina discovered his love for ceramics as a small boy, fashioning small models of oxen from hand-dug clay as he tended cattle in rural South Africa.

Coco Africa, led by Cindy Douglas, is a small enterprise workshop specialising in designing and manufacturing unique, innovative, comfortable and useful everyday products. Each item is skilfully crafted by gifted local craftsmen from the Franschhoek community. The team focuses on the highest standards of manufacturing, joinery and finishing. This artistry results in the beautiful smooth finish, a trademark of Coco Africa’s products.

Stuart Douglas has been making top-end solid wood furniture and cabinetry since 2005. His unwavering commitment to quality is apparent in the DouglasBuilt dado-rabbet jointed furniture and birch plywood and solid wood cabinetry offering. The solid wood furniture, along with numerous sculptured commissioned pieces, are all ergonomically considered and centred on dado-rabbet joinery: this is a form of joinery that draws inspiration from the late Sam Maloof, the great American chair maker, and that Stu has adapted and refined to fit his own style. With an appreciation for comfort and for beautiful visible joinery (including finger joints and dovetails), once a sound form of wood-on-wood jointing is perfected, very little glue and no fasteners or splines are required, and a range of shaping options opens up.

Vuyisa Potina – 073 230 1337 | Cindy Douglas – 072 3833 227 | Stuart Douglas 082 3906 465

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