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Bridge House IEB Matric Results

The Bridge House Top 5: Tanya Brits, Louis-Franz Alberts, Alina Pirouz, Ella Kinsey-Quick and Emma Wainright

Bridge House School Matrics of 2020 achieved excellent results in the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) examinations and the school maintained its 100% pass rate to date.

In 2020, 12 024 full time candidates wrote the National Senior Certificate through the IEB with a 98,06% pass rate nationally. 88.41% of the candidates achieved a Bachelor Degree pass, qualifying them to apply to study for degree courses at university.

The Bridge House Matrics have maintained the school’s 100% pass rate and achieved a 97% Bachelor Degree pass rate – the corresponding IEB rates are 98% and 88% respectively.

The school says “2020 was an extraordinary year and the success of the Bridge House students is a result of a monumental team effort by the entire community – students, teachers and parents. To have improved upon the percentage of Bachelor Degree passes, as well as the number of students achieving four or more distinctions, is an indication of how well the school coped during a very challenging year.”

Fourteen of the 63 Matrics achieved aggregates of over 80%. The Dux student for 2020 is Tanya Brits, who achieved a full house of seven distinctions with four subjects over 90% and she was in the top 1% nationally for Life Sciences. With the second highest aggregate for the class, Bridge House Head Boy for 2020, Louis-Franz Alberts, achieved eight distinctions. Alina Pirouz achieved seven distinctions and Ella Kinsey-Quick and Head Girl, Emma Wainwright, achieved six distinctions each.

Some of the school’s biggest success stories are about those who overcame challenges and demonstrated huge perseverance and determination to succeed well beyond expectations.

“The school is very proud of the Class of 2020 for enduring what was a year like no other and to have achieved such excellent results. We wish them well in their future studies, careers and adventures and know that they have been equipped with the strength, skills and tenacity to thrive in this ever-changing world.”

Text & Images: Bridge House School