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A Foamy Addition to Firefighting Fleet

Fire fighters
Members of the Stellenbosch Fire Brigade showed off the capabilities of the new firefighting vehicle in front of the Stellenbosch Town Hall.

Stellenbosch Municipality took ownership of another brand new state-of-the-art firefighting vehicle during June. It is the first of this particular model to be put into service by a local municipality.

The R4.5m South-African-made vehicle is a Marce 4×4 CAFS Pumper. For non-firefighters that is a Compressed Air Foam System Pumper!

The new pumper uses a combination of pressurised foam, air and water to fight fires, saving water in the process while also reducing the amount of time it takes to bring a fire under control. It is nearly five times faster and more effective than using water alone. Less water usage also means less harmful runoff – something most laypeople don’t consider. The CAFS-system also helps keep firefighters safer in the hostile environment of a fire scene, reduces attack times, flashover, hose line weight as well as exposure and fatigue.

The vehicle boasts an intelligent, automated around-the-pump (ATP) foam system that delivers high-volume foam for every fire situation – thereby eliminating the problems with a more traditional, manual system. The system intelligently regulates the foam ratio control valve thus reducing the opportunity for operator error and wasted foam.

The vehicle is also equipped with a water cannon that can be wirelessly operated providing improved performance and operator control. The maximum flow rate is 5000 litres per minute.

Mayor Gesie van Deventer said, “We are proud of this latest addition to our fleet as it will greatly improve and modernise our firefighting capabilities – keeping our communities safer and serving our towns for generations to come.”

Text: Editorial Desk | Image: Stellenbosch Municipality