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Work starts at Franschhoek Theatre site

Roof cleaning requires careful balance.

Supporters of the Franschhoek Theatre (old Screening Room) will be happy to learn that the project is moving ahead and work has commenced on the first stages of the project.

Contractors have started removing some of the trees that are in the way of the planned addition and others that block the view of the existing centenary library building from Akademie Street will soon follow suit.

To date approximately R600 000 has been donated to and raised for the project. Two more fundraisers will take place during October and November.

Reg Lascaris, speaking for the project originators, says that “the heavy work on the addition will start as soon as we receive the final documents from all the relevant authorities. As many are aware the wheels of administration turn slowly, which can be very frustrating, but we are seeing progress!”

Lascaris also confirmed that all the Screening Room seats – that were kindly donated by Leeu Collection – will be re-upholstered and a few more added to enable more people to enjoy the facility that promises to become a cultural hub for the village.