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The Rewards of Reading

The Help2read tutors received well deserved recognition.

At the end of 2018 Help2read hosted a Recognition Celebration ceremony for their literacy tutor team. The organisers and tutors gathered at Franschhoek’s Wes-Eind Primary School for the occasion. Reason for celebration there certainly was – in the past year 790 learners in 7 schools had one-on-one sessions with someone and a book, simply because a tutor had shown up.

Those who spoke at the ceremony all mentioned how thankful they were for the support they had from the team in which they worked. It wasn’t always easy; they were working at transforming a community and sometimes had to settle for the fact that a child at least opened a book. There are of course the success stories of children who could read properly at last and fell in love with books.

Mr Boonzaaier, principal at Wemmershoek Primary admitted that he was hesitant about the project at first, but seeing the influence Help2read has had in not only proficiency in English but also in helping learners overcome difficulties like shyness was utterly convincing. He said that the results that tutors achieved in helping children read books had been carried over to the class room. The tutors were invaluable in what they contributed towards discipline and even parenting. More and more learners were doing better and better at school.

Tutors who spend time with children and help them to read and comprehend are young people from the community. It is an exercise that is an investment in the life of a child and creates work for capable young people who love reading. If you are looking for someone who makes a difference in education or someone to add to an unsung heroes list, you could well consider a Help2read tutor.