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KUSASA Pays Tribute To: Jeff Siqwayi (1992 – 2020)


We are deeply saddened by the news of Jeff’s death. Jeff was truly one of the handful of kids who inspired us to get involved and more importantly, to stay involved with children and young people in the Franschhoek valley.

Jeff brought with him a unique charm, openness and warmth to any meeting, announcing himself with his incredible bright smile.

He bought into the idea of both self-improvement and community improvement right from the start. He never lost his positive outlook nor his belief that things could get better, that indeed, things could be better. As a kid Jeff was always prepared to volunteer for extra classes – our Dream Team – and for any other initiatives to assist others in the community, especially with younger children. He took his attitude with him into young adulthood in founding a small charity to provide assistance to families with small children in need.

Like others in that special group of kids we worked with in the early years, Jeff stayed in touch with us. We will miss this young man with his positive spirit of hope and belief in a better future.

Rest in Peace Jeff