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From Paw Paws and Baobab to Litchi and Titch

Litchi & Titch's Lecia Durham & Debbie Shriekker

A new shop – almost entirely devoted to soft, smooth skin – has recently opened opposite the Franschhoek Town Hall. The Tatler stopped by to find out more.

Litchi and Titch is the brainchild of Lecia Durham with business partner Debbie Schriekker – respectively the Litchi and Titch in the business’ name. Lecia and Debbie both have sales and marketing backgrounds and share a passion for all things natural and environmentally conscious, especially cosmetics. Starting a business to profit from their passion seemed a logical step, so they took it in 2017. Their first product, a paw paw balm, proved an instant success and they soon started adding other products to the range.

The Litchi and Titch range includes not only body skincare products, but also home fragrances and essential oil blends. Paw paw and baobab form the basis of several products – especially in the body and skincare range. The papain enzyme in paw paw helps reduce pain, calm inflammation, minimize swelling and generally assists with alleviating skin infections. Baobab has high concentrations of omega 3, 6 and 9 acids and vitamins A, C, D, E and F which make it highly nourishing and hydrating. Combining paw paw and baobab thus results in products that are excellent for fine lines, wrinkles and elasticity.

If you haven’t gathered as much already, Litchi and Titch products are all natural – in every sense of the word. African plant and flower oils and botanical extracts form the basis of the range, with the aforementioned focus on paw paw and baobab as hero ingredients. What you won’t find in a Litchi and Titch product are: toxins, parabens, chemical enhancers and stabilisers. In addition to using locally-sourced ingredients, the range is locally manufactured and is not tested on animals. It is as Lecia says: “We’re treading lightly on the environment and doing our little bit for the earth.”

The Litchi and Titch skincare range includes oils, serums, balms, washes and lotions and, in another departure from the norm, focusses on skin concerns rather than skin types.

Asked about customers’ favourite product Lecia confirms that it is still their original Paw Paw and Baobab Beauty Balm. “It’s a genuine go-to salve for all dry skin patches, including lips, cuticles, eczema and light abrasions,” she avers.

It’s clear that the same love and care that goes into the products also went into the shop. The interior is dramatic, yet elegant and simple, allowing the products to take centre stage. Local artist Sarah Boulton’s botanical designs are not only to be found on the walls they also grace some of the packaging.

Lecia and Debbie say their first month trading from a physical store (their webshop opened 2018) has been challenging but also very rewarding. “It’s a tough retail climate but we are up for the challenge,” they say.

www.litchiandtitchnaturals.com | 072 318 0322