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Boschendal Wins Big At 2023 Cape Prestige Agri-Awards

Boschendal’s Franschhoek region winners at the Western Cape Prestige Agri-Awards 2023.

Boschendal has been recognised as the Best Performing Farm in the Franschhoek region at the recent Cape Prestige Agri-Awards, claiming top honours against entries from some of the most renowned farms in the region.

Charles Edmonds, Managing Director of Farming at Boschendal, says: “We are incredibly proud of all our farm team members who were recognised for their outstanding work, and thank them for their invaluable contribution to our farm and to our efforts of being a regenerative farming leader.”

The Western Cape Prestige Agri-Awards were established in 2005 to give recognition to the valuable and important contribution of agri workers to the sustainability and growth of agriculture in the province. The awards showcase and recognize the critically important role farm workers play and inspire pride amongst agri workers throughout the Western Cape.  This is the sixth time Boschendal has won this category since 2016.

According to the Western Cape government, 17% of all workers in the province are employed in the agricultural sector.

The 2023 Western Cape Prestige Agri-Awards is held across 16 regions in the Western Cape, with participants competing across 11 categories: general worker, driver, irrigation specialist, technical operator, animal production, administrative staff, social development, agri-processing, foreman, junior management and middle management.

In addition to the Best Performing Farm in the Franschhoek region award, several key Boschendal team members were also recognised across multiple categories, including:

·       Keenan Carstens – Irrigation Specialist (Winner)

·       Samantha Johannes – Social Development (Winner)

·       Jeanine Hartnick – General Workers (Winner)

·       Godwin Chirambadare – Animal Production (Winner)

·       Shannon Roberston – Middle Management (Runner-up)

·       Willem Wes – Truck Driver (Runner-up)

·       Edwin Stoffberg – Administrative Staff (Runner-up)

·       Dawid Timotheus – Junior Management (Third Place)

“We wish all our team members well ahead of the provincial finals which will be announced in November,” says Tamara Patel, Chief Marketing Officer at Boschendal. “We also look forward to working with our amazing team to continue Boschendal’s regenerative farming revolution and our pioneering work with ensuring the farm’s stunning natural beauty is preserved for generations to come.”


Text: Editorial Desk | Image: Supplied