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Wordsworth Bookstore Opens in Franschhoek


After much whispering and growing excitement, Wordsworth Books is officially opening in the next few days. Much hard work has been poured into making this branch perfect for the local and international clientele in Franschhoek.

Tucked away in the corner of Bijoux Square, 61 Huguenot Street, you may first be drawn to the allure of Truth Coffee. Venturing a bit further into the square, you will find this quaint bookstore emanating warm light from within, inviting in avid readers of all kinds, and also your casual strollers-by. If you love the company of books and crave some new ideas or a refreshing new read, visit this store. It is certainly (Words)worth it!

The book selection is diverse; you are sure to find something that appeals to you. Whether you are interested in nature and popular science, history and current affairs, economics, sport, travel, photography, cookery, arts and crafts, health and self-improvement, psychology, philosophy, autobiographies, fiction, romance, poetry, or (of course) the classics, you have been catered for. There is also an extensive selection of literature for teenagers and young children. If you are more enticed by board games and puzzles, they have also got you covered. But don’t fret if they don’t have what you want: simply request an order! You can also browse their online store at https://www.wordsworth.co.za/. Or you can be in direct contact with the new Franschhoek branch: phone (021) 180 2908, or drop them an email at franschhoek@wordsworth.co.za.

Wordsworth is aware of Bastille Day, and the exciting events happening in Franschhoek on 16 and 17 July, so pay them a visit between festivities to see what they have to offer. Do also look out for new offers and exciting new developments at the store in future!

Text: Leila Shirley