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iPads for Kusasa Academy


Thanks to the incredible support their crowdfunding campaign received the Kusasa Academy raised enough funds to purchase 20 tablet computers — 7 more than their initial goal!

“It took a bit of time to procure and setup everything we needed, but we couldn’t be happier and more grateful that these devices are now up and running in our classrooms, yielding fantastic initial results,” says the academy.

When deciding on which brand to choose the academy opted for premium Apple iPads instead of other options primarily because their teachers had already been gifted iPads last year. However, it wasn’t just a practical consideration. The academy says they were genuinely impressed by the functionality of the devices, as well as the educational services and support that Apple offers.

To ensure seamless integration of iPads into their curriculum, the academy enlisted the help of “Apple for Education” trainers to conduct workshops. There are also a few specialised teachers on their team who have undergone training to effectively manage these devices in a classroom setting, accommodating a diverse range of users.

Given that the academy has 150 children sharing the 20 iPads, one can imagine the complexity. Fortunately, each device is equipped with a protective cover and screen, and they are all managed through a dedicated platform. The teachers have a clear understanding of who is using the iPads, and they keep tabs on battery levels, security settings, app usage, work time, achievements, and much more. The academy’s teachers will be attending ongoing workshops and training to ensure they stay updated with the latest insights and techniques.

“We’re truly excited about the progress we’ve made so far, and we aim to build on this momentum in the coming months and years,” the academy concludes.

Having come this far, the academy is trying to raise additional funds for 6 more iPads. Increasing the total devices from 20 to 26 would provide the ideal number where each student in a class could have their own individual iPad, eliminating the need for sharing during a lesson. If you’re enthusiastic about helping them reach this new target of R40,000, please do donate here:


Please help to empower more learners and make a lasting impact on their education journey!

Text & Image: Kusasa Academy