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If only it were April!

A filling station for the future bypass?

Coming up with a plausible April fool story is a challenge for every editor. It can’t be too obvious and needs just enough credibility to make it plausible. Like Goldilocks’ porridge it has to be just right. If you’re really lucky something occasionally falls in your lap… This is what happened to me at the end of August.  How I wished it were the ides of March instead!

With everything that comes across my desk I’m usually amongst the first to know of any significant developments in the valley.  I was therefore quite surprised to learn about a filling station that had been constructed almost overnight at the entrance to the Berg River Dam.  A bit of investigation however soon revealed that it was the set for a new BP advert that was being shot on location.

I was already salivating at the thought of an April fool story along the lines that the Robertsvlei Road was to be asphalted imminently to serve as a bypass for heavy goods vehicles using the R45 and BP wanted to be ready with their truck stop the moment the bypass opened…

I’ll have to keep thinking!