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Periods Don’t Stop For Pandemics

28 May 2020 is recognized worldwide as Menstrual Hygiene Day, which aims to bring together the voices and actions of non-profits, government agencies, individuals, the private sector and the media to promote good menstrual hygiene management (MHM) for all women and girls. 3Sixty Biomedicine, a South African based company specializing in providing natural solutions for common women’s health issues, believes a lack of education on the issue of menstruation, persisting taboos and stigma, limited access to hygienic menstrual products and poor sanitation infrastructure is prevalent and undermines the educational opportunities, health and overall social status of women and girls around the world. Further to this and not as well championed as poor menstruation, is a common condition known as menorrhagia which is often painful and debilitating for 30% of women who suffer from it on an ongoing basis.

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